I have been told that the preface to M: r Hume's acc: of his dispute with Rousseau was not written by M: r Hume himself, but by some person in France. I am very willing to believe this; but I cannot account for his having so long neglected to contradict publicly an unfair representation contained in that preface, from which some, who were ignorant of the true state of the case, have formed strange conjectures. "his love of Peace, " says the Preface, "is so well known, that the criticisms written against his pieces have been often brought to him by their respective authors, for him to revise and correct them." in Justice to these authors, I think it my duty to inform the Publick, that some of the Pieces written against M: r Hume's philosophy were shown to him before publication, not for the reason here given, but because the authors wanted to know from himself, whether they had in any place mistaken his meaning. he pays himself too great a compliment, and claims a merit with the public to which he has no title, if he believes, and wou'd have the world to believe, that their design was to get their compositions corrected by him. some of them, to my certain knowledge, had nothing less in view.

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