On going home, I measured the Heights of my Room, and found that I had committed a Mistake, which might have been fatal, by depriving me of all the Advantage I propose from your Choice of my Paper. Between the Surbase and the Cornice, the Roome is nine Feet eight Inches high: It is always better to have too much than too little. There is no Paper of that kind which is likely to be too dear. After you have made your Choice (for I will still reason upon that Supposition) the Shop-keeper will pack up the Paper and send it hither; and I shall immediatly send him a Draught on the Coutts's. I am glad to take this Opportunity of saluting you again, and praying heartily for your good Journey and safe Return. I beg my Respects to Mr & Mrs Orde. I am with great Sincerity and Regard, Madam

Your most obedient & most humble
David Hume


12 of April

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