[In other's hand--
David Hume: died 1776
Written while Ambassador in
France. born 1711
Ent: d]

Fountainebleau 27 Oct 1763

Separate                                                          (7)

The short Experience which I have had of the Inconveniences attending the present Want of Concert, in the Method of sending & receiving Dispatches between your Lordship & me, obliges me to propose the following Plan, which I submit to your Lordships better Judgement. I desire, that on all ordinary Occasions, when no Haste is requisite, your Lordship would forward your Dispatches so as that they may come over by the Saturday's Paquet. I shall have a Courier ready that day at Calais to receive them and this Courier shall at the same time put my Dispatches to your Lordship into the paquet Boat. At present your Lordships Dispatches may be long at Calais, & may be liable to Accidents: or the Government must be often put to any additional Expence, by the Agent's sending off the Master of a Paquet Boat, in order to convey them to me. I shoud therefore beg, that this Concert may be supposd establishd between us, tell your Lordship shall please to alter it by substituting a better in its Place. It was the Plan establishd by Lord Albemarle[.]

during all the time of his Residence in this Place

The Earl of Halifax

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