13. Letter addressed on back in Hume's nephew John's hand:

John Home Esqr
To the Care of the Post
to be forwarded
by express

Edinburgh 20 Aug 1776

My Dear Brother

I own that it woud be a great Consolation to me at the time of my Death to have you in the house and I lose Strength so fast, that, if I do not bring you hither soon I am in danger of losing that consolation. Nothing but the State of your Family has hitherto prevented me; but I hope it will now allow you to set out as soon as you can[.] Your best way will be to come to Dunbar on Horseback; and thence by the Post. I wish also to see Davy very earnestly; but if he comes along with you, it must only be for a few days; to return to me after Jocky 30 leaves me: It is not necessary, nor fitting that Josey be left altogether alone[.]

Yours affectionately
David Hume

[on same paper]

Dr Father

I would have wrote you on Friday last if there had been any material change in my uncle[,] but he is much in the same way, as formerly only weaker. I Hope David will be sufficiently recovered to come along with you. None of Us thought his fever had been so severe as it really was[.]

You may if you think proper send in the trunk you spoke of by the carier next week, as Mr Anderson says I may go out then; if you think I wou'd not be necessary to my Uncle.

We rec..d Davids letter after my Uncle had wrote & were much pleased to hear Joseph was doing so well[.]


John Home (1758-1806), the third son of Hume's brother John. He was afterwards a Writer to the Signet in Edinburgh.

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