10. Letter addressed on back:

John Home Esqr
at Ninewells

July 25 1776

Dear Brother

I continue much in the same State of Health as before: Frequent Colics, which weaken me much in the Intervals, when I am tolerably easy: The worst Circumstance is my not being able to bear the Motion of a Chaise. This both proves a great Progress in my Distemper, and deprives me of my chief Remedy. It cuts me out of all hopes of seeing you at Ninewells, but I shoud be sorry you took the trouble of coming to town, which woud carry you from your Business, to no purpose. For as Matters are likely to go on, I shall probably drag out sometime next Winter. Besides, Mr Smith is in my house, and will be going and coming most of the Autumun; so that I coud not lodge you at present. Our Sister has become very infirm: She keeps her bed this day, from a slight Fever. I am anxious about News from Josey. My Compliments to Mrs Home and all your Family[.]

Yours sincerely

D. H

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