7. Letter with no address:

Bath 15 of June 1776

Dear Brother

To save the Trouble of transcribing the Contents of this Letter, I send it open to you. Please seal it and send it to Dr Black. At the same time, tell our Sister, that she may expect to see me about the 2 or 3 of July; But I shall write her with greater Certainty when I shall set out and also on the Road. I continue as you saw me, very well in my Spirits, and really suffering very little in my Body; and my Journey will not be altogether fruitless; though the Bath Waters have fail'd of their Effect; and indeed Medicine appears to very little Purpose. Exercise, however, is something; and it will not be long, after my Arrival in Scotland, till I shall see you at Ninewells: For I intend to employ the good Season very much on the Road. I found Mrs Home here, and we have kept House together, which has made my Stay much more easy and agreeable: They set out along with me, she for Buxton which lies on the Road, he for Scotland: So that we shall not be separate all / along; a Circumstance very much to my Satisfaction[.] They have prolonged their Stay in Bath above a Fortnight on my Account.

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