5. Letter addressed on back:

John Home of Ninewells Esqr
Butter's Land, New Town

London 6 of May 1776

Dear Brother

During the Hurry, in which I have liv'd these few days at London, I do not know, at least cannot fully recollect whether I have been sufficiently explicite with regard to your sending my new Servant. Let him be sent by Sea, directed to Miss Elliots in Brewers Street, Golden Square. They will find him a Conveyance to Bath. He must be provided with Money for the Journey: Somebody will tell you the Expence of a Voyage to London. A Guinea will suffice for the Journey to Bath, Let him have something over, in case of Accidents; and he will account to me for the Surplus.

A Son of the President's 20 is in London, who says that he pass'd by Metz lately, but miss'd Josey, he having left the Place a few days before. I suppose he had gone on a Jaunt.

Sir John Pringle says that the Origin of my Distemper proceeds from a Contraction in the Colon, which he has render'd more probable to me than a Haemorrage. I seem to be much better; and I believe am really somewhat better. I am Dear Brother Yours sincerely

David Hume

I set in half an hour for Bath & all my franks are packt up[.]


Robert Dundas of Arniston (1713-87), Lord President of the Court of Session from 1760.

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